The Past Through Yesterday

I suppose I should say where we’ve been.

In February 2005, I and two other ADF-interested individuals in State College gathered to hold an Imbolc rite. I didn’t write it. The interest of the two others waned for various reasons, but I continued to perform personal rites for each holiday.

In August 2005, I held my first semi-open ADF-style rite, mentioned on local email lists. After that, I continued holding locally advertised ADF-style rites for the High Days as possible, though (ironically) it was hardest to get people together for Samhain and Beltane. Attendance varied widely as I progressed; I could never predict how many would turn out. A few definite regulars started attending: a UU-affiliated Discordian and a UU-friend of his, along with a few other semi-regulars. Many others attended one or two rites and went on their own way. I was fine with this, because I was finding a joy in offering an outlet for public honoring of the Ancestors, Nature Spirits, and Godden. As I proceeded, I began to develop my own particular takes on some sections of ritual and my understanding of the ADF Core Order of Ritual improved.

Eventually, I realized I was doing a large chunk of the work of a Protogrove. Or, at least it felt that way. So in March 2007, after a number of pushes by humans and other people, I finally submitted a Grove Organizer’s survey. I hoped that formal recognition and a name would help create an “If you build it, they will come.”

I knew it was a mistake, letting my officemate use that movie as a test disc for months on end.

For you see, there’s interest — a fair bit of it — but turnout hovers at 4 per High Day. Including myself. The two regulars, though very supportive (spiritually and materially), aren’t interested in joining — they are the Pagans public holiday ritual is meant to serve. One of the semi-regulars likes the rites, but lives in Pittsburgh (I have mentioned Sassasfras Grove). Another would like to come more often, but works a fiendishly incompatible schedule.

So now I’m here to look at what I’ve been doing, adjust and adapt. I’m certain I’ll touch on other aspects of the past as I go — but right now, this is the situation.


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