Location, location

I need to find another place to have Yule.

Wait, let’s back up. One of the reasons I felt truly secure starting a Protogrove was having an indoor location for cold weather with a nice, sliding payment scale — well, actually donations — at a local co-op market. I’m not exactly certain how much everyone else donated, but I think it was about $40 total per High Day.

Said co-op market went out of business in October. So, back to needing to find another place to have Yule.

One of the regular attendees is elderly, and does not deal well with the cold. So outside is out.

Other places I’ve used before have their own issues. The local UU fellowship seems to be full up with books for the annual “Book For Every Child” campaign during most of that time frame, though I need to pore over their schedule carefully to be sure there isn’t a convenient gap; the 22nd, which is the solstice proper, is free, but I know at least one regular would be unable to make it. There was an issue with scheduling when I rented the Friends’ School two years ago for Yule that disinclines me to return. Finally, there was the business function space I was able to get for free for Samhain — but I’m reluctant to risk using that favor up. I also only found out later from a mutual associate that the person who let me use it was more weirded out than they let on.

So, I need to locate an appropriately public and affordable space that can reasonably have a High Day celebration in it. This is the part of being a Grove Organizer I feel I’m worst at — but I know if I want Hemlock Vales to grow to be big and strong, I can’t shy away from it.


2 thoughts on “Location, location

  1. The biggest issue I see there is that all of the year-round pavilions (as well as the non-year round ones) lack any sort of walls to shield from the weather (or a fireplace, though that’s a minor issue).

    I should still check into the Barn at Millbrook Marsh, though my recollection is that they’re antsy when it comes to open flame there.

    Still, there is a good point here: I should double-check what is available at the nearby State Parks, Stone Valley, and Shaver’s Creek environmental center; the latter two are part of Penn State, and so are still fairly local (if up over the mountain south of town).

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