On “Druid Porridge”

I’m worried I will use this term sooner or later, so I might as well explain it. “Druid Porridge” is an in-joke among Hemlock Vales regulars; it is the result of pouring libations and grain into the same offering bowl when indoors, creating a sort of sludge that does not easily pour out when returning the remainder to the Earth Mother.

Beyond the potential jargon, why am I explaining this?

Simple: Druid Porridge can be a pain to clean out of the bowl — and if I didn’t think to use a two-bowl system when I started, I’m certain others won’t either.


4 thoughts on “On “Druid Porridge”

  1. Thankfully there are no deities who routinely ask for things like sticking plaster or sidewalk cement as offerings. Grain is at least water-soluble in a mass.

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