Advertising in the right way

Yesterday, there was a definite spike of interest in Hemlock Vales, apparently linked to a number of visits to the Imbolc page. (I wonder what I should do with that page once the rite is done.) Two new people signed up for the local Pagan e-list that is largely occupied by HVP discussion, which isn’t exactly a simple set of jumps from that page, given the need to sign up with a Yahoo and all.

Why was this? We’re having Imbolc at the local Unitarian-Universalist fellowship, and I submitted a note for their email newsletter including a link to that page, which went out at noon yesterday. After noticing the spike, I actually improved that page significantly from what it was to explain Imbolc a little better. I’ll have to remember to do that before the next announcement goes out, since if this works well I’m planning to have the equinox rite there as well.

Now, I’ve done sign posting on the fellowship’s community bulletin board in the past and the response has been mild. In my mind, the difference is that this made it easy. Instead of a slip of paper they could then lose or not get around to entering, it was a link they could click right at that moment. It’s the same thing as writing down the email address of the person you want to get in touch with instead of giving them a card (though, of course, both is better) — you’re lowering their barrier to taking action.

I look forward to seeing how this rite goes — I’ve already been given the option to use a larger room if needed (and settle the difference after), though their “small” room is larger than I remember from when I helped out with a Neighboring Faiths class.


One thought on “Advertising in the right way

  1. I have no idea how many people are members of the fellowship near you but I know at my own church our newletter goes out each month to about 400 people, and many of them look it over.

    We also have a newsletter that goes out twice a year that list all the rentals int he church and this goes out to even more than the monthly mailing.

    I know we UUs can be a pain sometimes but the one thing we are good at is getting in touch with people! Wether or not they show up – different story.

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