A gentle foray into Pagan personality science

I’ve been wondering about the personality composition of ADFers in specific and Pagans in general. I’m a big fan of the idea that a personality test is one where you tell it about yourself and then it tells you what you told it. Even so, they can be tools to know oneself.

I have a hypothesis which I want to compare against actual data. To test it, I need the test results from other ADFers (and Pagans in general, though it’s not as important) for the DISC personality setup, a relatively simple two-axis sort. The test can be found at 123tests.com. I know there are other DISC assessments, but I’d rather everyone take the same one. I know the DISC may not be the most scientific per studies; a “Big Five” test would be ideal, but involves more questions. For this initial foray, I wanted something quick.

So, please take the test; something will be learned, even if it’s just “My hypothesis was way off.” Please to comment here or on my FB posts with your results, and identify if you’re an ADF member, a general Pagan, or just someone who likes taking online tests. In the spirit of full disclosure, when I first took this test my results were D 28%, I 28%, S 34%, and C 10%. A retake shows some shuffling: D 39%, I 28%, S 25%, and C 9% — though it’s interesting that I and C were both about the same on this instrument.


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Update: See what the results were!