ADF’s Mottos

ADF as an organization has two mottos, one of which I feel gets more press than the other.

The one that I feel gets more press is “Why not excellence?” A noble sentiment, and one I admire, though I also feel is asserted too vehemently at times.

The other one seems very separate, but very related to the discerning eye: “As fast as a speeding oak tree!” We know where we want to go, but sometimes progress becomes glacial. It might even be the fault of the first model, per Voltaire’s comment that “The best is the enemy of the good.” Excellence as a target can cause inaction, even though, ironically, it may be necessary to make 49 bad attempts to make one good one.

This blog as a project, and to a much lesser degree the Protogrove, have both been hit with a bit of paralysis, and I found myself uncertain how best to restart. The Protogrove is still running — we did have a Lughnasadh rite, and there will be an Equinox rite — but I found myself unable to write a restart. So many things to cover — Lughnasadh, a workshop/simple rite for the local college group, etc.

The answer is to just start back up, and back-track as needed and relevant. Even if it is as fast as a speeding Oak tree. Now to set myself a schedule for updating regularly.


Of all the silly things

I look at the blog, and I see the obviously-intended-to-be Christmas theme I tossed on partway through December. I’m rather loath to take it down, though, because it looks like hemlock trees (if you squint).

Well, that and the previous theme displays the magic authentication page for Google Webmaster Tools at the top. You’d think there would be overrides for pages displaying at the top if the page widget did it for the side.

Starting up

Sometimes, it’s as much a matter of knowing when to start as when to stop. This blog is about bringing Hemlock Vales Protogrove, ADF into existence.

It doesn’t take much to start an Ar nDraiocht Fein (ADF) Protogrove, you see.

You need to join ADF.

You need a PO Box.

You need six months to pass.

You need to not be a complete ogre.

You need to fill out a Grove Organizer Survey.

But this level of “starting” isn’t the same as actually founding a Protogrove.

That difference is what this blog is about.